Our design philosophy is simple: The room never wins—instead our clients discover the joy of a winning room. At Northfield Sales Company, Inc., of Baltimore, Maryland, the space never takes over. We help our clients take control of their space, infusing every feature and convenience they desire into the design—& into their daily routine. 

Northfield crafts warm & inviting living spaces suited to each client’s lifestyle. We speak with our clients at length until we’re sure that we understand their needs, preferences, and budget. Our award-winning designs reflect these customized desires, supported by high quality products that meet a variety of budgets. Additionally, our own custom cabinetry line allows us to create exquisite, high-end cabinetry and millwork & also personalize entry-level cabinetry, making even a modest kitchen a truly unique one. From staggered heights & depths to angled island & open shelving, a kitchen designed by Northfield is a room that outshines the rest.


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